What is WikiRenderer?

WikiRenderer is a php component which can parse a wiki content, and transform it to XHTML content, to any other markup language, or to an other wiki content with a different syntax. So this is useful to transform and display wiki content into your CMS, your wiki, your forum, or for example to migrate wiki contents from an old wiki CMS to a new one.

See the demonstration.

WikiRenderer is released under the LGPL licence.

Latest version

3.1.11, for PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.* (2024-04-28)

You can download it manually, or install it with Composer:

    composer require jelix/wikirenderer

See the changes of the latest version.


Contrary to some other wiki generators, WikiRenderer produces always valid content, even if there are some invalid wiki syntaxes in the source content.

Wikirenderer is highly configurable, although you would need to develop some php classes for unsupported wiki syntax. To do transformation, WikiRenderer call a set of classes which implement the content generation from a specific wiki "tag". A set of classes is called a "rule".

Users of WikiRenderer

If you use WikiRenderer in your project or in your CMS, tell me and I will add your website on this page. If you developed rules and if you want to include it in the official package of WikiRenderer, send me files of your rule.


WikiRenderer is developed by Laurent Jouanneau : (site :